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Jetliner Football Academy

Jet Liner Football Academy is a premier institution dedicated to nurturing young talent and shaping the future stars of the beautiful game. 

As an integral part of the Jetliner Sports Club, a trailblazing football club in Gampaha, our academy proudly carries forward the legacy and indomitable spirit of the giants in the Sri Lankan football scene.

 With a passion for excellence and a commitment to holistic player development, we provide a dynamic and comprehensive training program for aspiring footballers. Our experienced coaching staff, equipped with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guide players through structured training sessions, focusing on technical skills, tactical awareness, physical conditioning, and mental fortitude. At Jet Liner Football Academy, we foster a supportive and competitive environment, emphasizing teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. 

Despite operating with limited resources and facilities, our football club is dedicated to creating an environment where players can discover and maximize their potential. Embrace the thrilling adventure with us, where dreams soar high, and football becomes an integral part of everyday life, showcasing resilience and passion amidst constraints.

why soccer ?

Life is like soccer, we need GOALS

Much like the beautiful game itself, life is a dynamic journey marked by strategic moves, collaborative efforts, and the pursuit of meaningful objectives. In the spirit of soccer teams aiming to secure victory by scoring goals, individuals navigate the twists and turns of life with the profound need to set, chase, and achieve personal goals.

By viewing life through the lens of soccer and goals, individuals can draw inspiration from the principles of the game to navigate challenges, work collaboratively, and pursue personal and collective aspirations.


In soccer, success often relies on effective teamwork. Similarly, in life, collaboration and cooperation with others can lead to more significant achievements. Whether in personal relationships, work, or community endeavors, working together helps in attaining common objectives.

Setting Goals:

In soccer, the primary objective is to score goals. Similarly, in life, setting clear and meaningful goals provides direction and purpose. Goals serve as the driving force that motivates individuals to strive for improvement and accomplishment.

Strategy and Planning:

Soccer teams develop strategies and plans to outmaneuver opponents and score goals. In life, strategic planning, careful consideration of options, and making informed decisions contribute to success. Setting realistic and achievable goals requires planning and execution.

Obstacles and Challenges:

Soccer teams face challenges such as strong opponents, adverse weather conditions, or unexpected setbacks. Similarly, life presents obstacles that individuals must overcome to reach their goals. Resilience, determination, and adaptability are crucial qualities in both soccer and life.

Progress and Improvement

Soccer teams continuously strive to improve their skills and performance. Likewise, in life, personal and professional development is an ongoing process. Setting and achieving goals provide a sense of progress and contribute to individual growth.

Celebrating Achievements:

In soccer, scoring a goal is a moment of celebration. In life, achieving goals, whether big or small, should be acknowledged and celebrated. Recognizing accomplishments reinforces a sense of purpose and motivation to pursue additional objectives.

Time Management:

Soccer matches have a limited timeframe, and teams must manage their time effectively to achieve their goals. Similarly, in life, time management is crucial. Setting realistic timelines for goals and being mindful of time constraints contribute to successful outcomes.

Learning from Failure:

Soccer teams don't always win, and players experience failure. In life, setbacks and failures are inevitable. Learning from mistakes, adapting strategies, and persevering in the face of adversity are essential for ultimate success.

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